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So I just ‘participated’ in the TVNZ Internet Debate starring the ICT representatives from Labour, National, ACT and the Greens.

I’d have to encourage people to take part in these if they ever get the opportunity.  The topics vary and the you can chip in your questions to the participants via the chatroom.  A panel of questioneers select questions from the chatroom and put them forward.

It was very interesting, I got 3 topics raised and sort-of ‘answered’, politicians won’t directly answer anything if they can help it, it would seem.

My  main question was along the lines of this (it was horribly paraphrased by the panel):

Government agencies collect data on our behalf, so why can’t we access it as easily as we can on Google Maps?

Would any Government minister support requiring Government agencies releasing the collected data (geographical information for instance) under the Creative Commons license or something similar?

This would be a huge gift to the IT economy, allowing us to create some amazing applications for NZ society.

Only David Cunliff answered it, and he was broadly in favour of the idea and thought that the Digital Strategy answered these points.  Everyone else was quiet on the issue (boo-urns to you all).

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