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This was a variant on the good old steak and potatoes. The full recipe is here. This was our ‘F’ meal.

We used brie instead of blue cheese, and sliced it horizontally so there was a big slab of brie on top of our steak. I had misgivings about marinading filet steak, but it was worth it. The caramlised onions were surprisingly good too.

Don’t add too much butter to the onions though, they’ll just take forever to brown, and don’t add too much sugar either – they’ll be very sweet!

Mashed potatoes and green beans were a very nice side dish, and we both agreed that this was a very, very nice meal.

EDIT: We’ve had this meal a number of times, and it’s one of our favourites. ┬áMake sure you use brown sugar for the onions though, it’s much better.

4.5 noms out of 5.

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