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Ok, so the ‘H’ recipe was a tough call. Let’s never speak of the Hawaiian Pork Rolls we made….. which ended up in an emergency trip to McDonalds.  Yes, let’s never speak of that again.

So, we made Hungarian Pepper Stew for the letter ‘H’.  It was very nice, it reminded me a great deal of devilled sausages, which incidentally was our letter ‘D’ meal.

We didn’t follow the recipe too closely either.

  • We couldn’t find Hungarian sausages, so we used low-fat Boerewors sausages instead
  • We also did the bacon, onion and capsicum all at the same time.  I like bacon (a lot), but I didn’t want to over cook it.
  • We also chopped the sausages into portions, since it appeared that you add them at the very last second, and we didn’t like the idea of uncooked sausages, so we quickly browned them first and them added them again at the end.

So, not exactly as the recipe described, but it was still a nice meal. We had it with mashed potato and beans.

I’d give this 4 out of 5 noms.

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