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We’ve all been hearing a lot of breathless headlines about a new search engine called Wolfram Alpha.

The creator, Stephen Wolfram, is a very talented man, but the way news has been leaked out to the press, leaves me a bit sceptical.

Mystery demos. Private screenings. Rave reviews. Promises that it’s going to get even better. If it’s that good, why is it so secretive?

So here’s my prediction: ¬†Wolfram Alpha is going to be released, and after a short burst of excitement, people will revert back to what they’re used to (Google, Yahoo etc).

Wolfram Alpha is going to return results that people aren’t used to, and they won’t find useful. After a short while, Wolfram Alpha will be purchased by an existing company (Microsoft for instance) for a tidy sum and we’ll never hear of it again.

You heard it here first.

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