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The Metlink site was a finalist for the 2010 TUANZ awards in the Local and Central Government Services category.

Additionally, Metlink were kind enough to also nominate me as a finalist for the Innovator of the Year category.

Unfortunately, we didn’t pick up any prizes this time.  The judges made some very nice comments about the Metlink site, saying (among other things), it was the most sophisticated transportation site they’d seen.  They also put us forward as a judges’ nomination as one of the finalists in the Innovation of the Year category.

I lost the Innovator of the Year award to someone from Enable Networks, which went on to become the 9th fastest growing company in New Zealand.  Plus he’s done some great work with schools and broadband connectivity, so I’m not too guttered.

Losing the Local & Central Government Services award to the North Shore City Council was disappointing.  However, the Metlink site will live on, and it’s got some really cool featuers due to be rolled out, such as realtime bus information.

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