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So after the very difficult ‘E’ movies; both difficult to find, and difficult to watch, we needed something simpler… much, much simpler.  Something more mainstream, with action and explosions.

Luckily, the ‘action’ isle has plenty.  We selected ‘The Fugitive‘ and ‘Flags of our Fathers‘.

The Fugitive was a pretty simple, from A to B sort of movie.  Nothing hard going on here.  A solid 3 star movie.

Flags of our Fathers is an awesome story. The book is highly recommended – it goes into more detail about the individuals and their families.  Reading the book made me want to visit small-town America.  Some of the more poignant parts for me were how these guys were used and taken for granted by the system (both during the war and after the flag raising scene).  No one cared about them as people, it was just what they could do for the country – fair enough in some ways, during a world war I suppose.

Anyhoo, Flags of our Fathers was probably one of the deeper movies we’ve seen in a while, highly recommended.

Next week, G… should be pretty simple too I think.

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