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When the iPad was originally released, I was skeptical.  There was no clear use, no obvious killer app, it just seemed to be a cool toy.

Then people I knew started getting one, and they were raving on about it.  But they couldn’t tell me what made it so good, they just thought it was pretty awesome.  I can spend $800 in many, many ways, and I need a good reason to spend it on an iPad.

So when the iPad 2 was released, Hilary decided she needed one – some of the apps would be pretty useful for work, such as the note taking and calendar apps that are out there.  I thought I’d get one just to see what the fuss was about (not a good reason, but I gave up trying to think of one).

By now, I use the iPad more often than the laptop.  It’s a perfect casual-use device, and I use it heavily for reading the news on the couch.  The battery life is awesome, and it’s not too heavy.

If someone was to ask, what’s the killer app for the iPad, I’d say, for me there is no current ‘killer app’, but it’s a perfect fit for my lifestyle.  I don’t want to sit in front of a laptop all evening after doing that all day as well.  There may eventually be a particular ‘killer app’ that I love to bits, but right now I’m loving the convenience of the device.

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