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We’ve been into the Dannevirke McDonalds twice. It’s a very handy location for the drive from Wellington to Napier.

The first time we were there, was the Monday of Labour Weekend 2010.  There was a massive queue of people, but that didn’t stop two staff members having an in-depth conversation about their weekend.  After we remarked that we were okay waiting and that they could take their time, did we get shot a look of annoyance and they finally looked interested.

On Thursday the 28th April, we were there at about 2pm.  There was already a small bunch of people standing there, clearly waiting for their meal.  The sole server behind the counter took our order.  The conversation went like this:

“1 McChicken meal + an extra cheese burger, plus a Grand Chicken meal please.”

“What drinks would you like?”

“Ahhhh, a diet coke and a fanta thanks”

“Here you go”  (we were then given two empty cups that we can fill ourselves)

So here is my first question.  Why ask us about our drinks if we will be filling them up ourselves?

Then we stood there for about 10 minutes.  The man in front of us watched his family’s meal slowly pile up on the counter, getting colder with every passing minute.   Another man waited for 5 minutes for a Big Mac combo.

The girl behind the counter was achingly slow to do anything, while her colleague at the McCafe (who had nothing to do) studiously avoided helping.

She was so slow, the burgers were piling up in a large pile behind her, while she had to consult her screen for every single item.

We eventually got our meals – they were lukewarm at best.  When we were leaving, we noticed that the person who had queued directly behind us had only just got her meal too.

So we’ve been to Dannevirke McDonalds twice, and each time the experience was extremely poor, so my second question is, “Do the owners of McDonalds  in Danneverk consider this to be an acceptable level of service, or are we just extremely unlucky?”

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