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For the letter J, we watched The Jackal, and Jaws.  I hadn’t seen Jaws, but it was one of those movies you knew by reputation, and the plot was pretty guessable.
Having said that, Jaws was good!  It’s a real classic, and hasn’t aged too much, except there’s a gigantic mechanical shark that looms ominously in the background.

The Jackal was not a good movie. The acting was bad, and large parts of the plot were bad.  For some reason, the FBI are relying on a convicted IRA terrorist to show them how to do their job.  They even let him into top secret briefings, and he can call the shots.  Yeah right, yawn.  As per usual, there’s a hot ex-KGB agent in the mix.  All very predictable.

So in summary, Jaws good, Jackal bad.

Onto K.  Plenty of options there.

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