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For K, we chose the Karate Kid, and Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang.

Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang was pretty good.  A strange mix of black humour, action and possibly mystery (if you’re easily confused).  I would recommend watching it if you’re stuck for ideas.

The Karate Kid was another classic movie that I hadn’t seen before.  Obviously be now, it appears to have an extremely cliched story line – new kid in town, gets picked on, old geezer pops up, gives a few protips, new kid takes out the trash.

The cool thing about the Karate Kid though, is that it’s got this awesome feel-good 80’s vibe.  Life was pretty simple back then.  The Russian commies were the bad guys, and Americans were unstoppable.

So apart from it’s rediculous plot (Karate kid goes to the regional champs, has never been in a competition, or even a match, just had some holistic high-level training, and whaddayaknow, he wins!), it was a pretty good movie.  Nothing to complain about.

Next stop on the movie train… ‘L’.

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