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Who could go past ‘L’ without a partaking in an early-90’s action fest?

Our ‘L’ movies were Lethal Weapon and The Last Boy Scout.

Lethal Weapon is regarded as a genre-defining movie.  Odd-couple cops, cracking skulls + one-liners, one-dimensional bad guys, who could ask for more?  It’s like a simpler version of Dirty Harry (if that’s even possible).

Anyhoo, Lethal Weapon was ok.  It has the most ridiculous ending – some random fight scene – as though the director figured he had 10 spare minutes, so let’s have them duke it out.

The Last Boy Scout was in a similar vein.  Bruce Willis plays the hung-over, troubled  soul very well (the same character from most of his movies it would seem).  Some of the dialog was genuinely funny, and it was a perfect Wednesday night movie.

Lethal Weapon and The Last Boy Scout are recommended mid-week movies.

‘M’ is going to be easy…

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