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According to Slashdot and the NY Times itself, they now have 300,000 paying subscribers, and most importantly, the paper now has a healthy profit.

This is very interesting – traditional attempts to get people to pay for content, especially content they used to get for free, haven’t worked too well.  I am a paying subscriber because they offer high quality content that I can’t find anywhere else.  I still read, the NZ Herald, the BBC, the LA Times, the Sydney Morning Herald and a few others, and despite this wide range of providers, the NY Times still stands out.

The lessons here, as I see it, are:

  • Offer high-quality, exclusive content
  • Make your paywall user friendly – allow people in to browse and don’t have an unreasonable article limit
  • If you have a decent value proposition, people are willing to pay money

I just wish they’d let me bulk pay for a whole year in advance – getting billed monthly racks up the foreign exchange conversion charges 🙁


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