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This guy, Mike Gualtieri, hates Agile.  He thinks it’s too developer-centric – which I agree with – and goes onto say that development teams must have more cross-discipline skills.  He’s got a new methodology called STUDIO to describe this.

Sorry Mike, we don’t need another methodology.  There are enough good ideas out there for a team to pick and choose those that will work for them, for each particular project.  I don’t think that there is a magic bullet methodology which will work in every scenario.

I also think it will be very difficult to find developers with professional design skills.  Even developers with sales skills are hard to find.  In my experience, developers really just want to be developers.  In the past, I’ve tried to get some of my team interested in value-based pricing – people I regarded as being stars.  All I got was flat-out refusal.  Let the sales team do the sales I was told.

Developers will probably know a bit about design (especially in web development – it’s impossible to not know HTML & CSS), but that doesn’t mean we’re all designers.

So Mike, I think you’re best bet is to assemble a team of great people, and describe a delivery approach which will work best for your team and the client.

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