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This is awesome.  When you leave the ‘sign up’ button off the main page, you actually get more sign ups.

This paragraph sums it up perfectly:

Think about how counter-intuitive that is at first glance. You take away the call-to-action that says “sign up” and you get more sign ups. But actually it’s just focusing on what people really want, in the order that they want it, where they happen to be in the usage lifecycle. They want to find out about what you’re offering first, figure out if it makes sense for them, and then sign up. It’s a process. Too often we treat a landing page like an immediate decision.

Visitors to the site, as potential customers, often don’t know enough about the product to make an immediate decision and all they want to do is to find out more information.  As the post says, when placing the button, ask yourself,  “is this the appropriate time to ask this?

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