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OpenWolf 0.9.9 has been released. This release includes these changes:

  • HTML inside comments now getting handled correctly (Thanks to Matthew Ross)
  • Orphaned closing elements now not interfering with parent element calculations (thanks to
  • Rule 6.3 now carries the correct header in the final report (NZ guidelines)
  • Typo fixed in stylesheet parser for inline style elements
  • Stylesheet parser now ignores any <link> element missing a type attribute (thanks to Ingo)
  • MarkContent now accepts ‘auto’ as a width
  • CSS expressions now handled correctly
  • Minor API changes under the hood
  • Support for caching stylesheets
  • Basis for spidering entire sites started
  • hasParent function created
  • AJAX loading screen has been removed. It didn’t work properly.
Version 1.0 is presumably the next release. This will (hopefully) include an XML output option, plus the start of support for WCAG 2.0.
I’d also like to include support for a web service which can query individual aspects of the guidelines against a particular page.
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