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Stefan Lindegaard has a good article called “Why Senior and Mid-Level Managers Struggle with Social Media“.

I would suggest though, that the second paragraph, which states:

“The problem is that they do not see much value in the use of social media and thus they do not spend time – or even allocate time – to get the know more about social media and how it can help them with their innovation efforts and other daily tasks.”

… is actually around the wrong way.  These people do not use social media channels themselves, so they do not see the value in them.

As Stefan points out, this is a generational issue (and partly a business culture issue), but complaining about old people is not going to solve anything; it can only really be addressed by personally getting in front of people and showing the how social media can work and what it can do for them.

Generally speaking, people are quite interested in new things, but if their awareness of the Internet extends only as far as Outlook and the online golf reservation system, then chances are that they haven’t heard of Twitter.

So when you’re pitching a business case, or trying to get people interested in a project, then you may need to start from square one and explain what something is and why it’s important, before you wade into the value proposition.

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