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Retina-ready Websites

Geoff Munn

Make your site retina-ready Continue reading

A Reminder About Alt Text

Geoff Munn

Don’t bother with ALT text if nearby headings do the trick. Continue reading

In Search of the Perfect Radius

Geoff Munn

A scientific approach to a look and feel problem. Continue reading


Geoff Munn

Some ideas on what makes a successful app. Continue reading

Optimal text length

Geoff Munn

What is the optimal line length? Continue reading

The Viewport Meta Tag

Geoff Munn

How to use the viewport meta tag correctly. Continue reading

Social Login Buttons Aren't Worth It

Geoff Munn

A better feedback system can replace social media login buttons. Continue reading

Quote o' the Day

Geoff Munn

From Nilofer Merchant: You set the bar for what you want to see happen by every question, nudge, comment. #leadership

Making Cultural Change Stick

Geoff Munn

The 5 principals necessary ‘to achieve higher performance, better customer focus, and a more coherent and ethical stance’. Continue reading

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