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Posted on by Geoff Munn

Some ideas on what makes a successful app. Continue reading

User Flows and Information Architecture

Posted on by Geoff Munn

Stop designing web pages, and start designing user flows. Continue reading

Why Burying Sign Up Buttons Helps Get More Sign Ups

Posted on by Geoff Munn

When you leave the ‘sign up’ button off the main page, you actually get more sign ups. Continue reading

The $300 Million Button

Posted on by Geoff Munn

Don’t give users reasons why they should stop buying things from your site. Continue reading

Communities and the thumbs up/down button

Posted on by Geoff Munn

How can we build a community and encourage high quality discussions? Continue reading

Secret specifications

Posted on by Geoff Munn

Not telling your users about the technical specifications can actually work, in some cases. Continue reading

Elevator pitches and turning points

Posted on by Geoff Munn

Elevator pitches need to recognise the business challenges, and provide something that the client didn’t know. Continue reading

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