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Monthly Archives: June 2009

Pakistani Pot Roast Beef Fillets

Posted on by Geoff Munn

After a few not-so-good meals, it was a real pleasure to have something very nice. Our ‘P’ meal comes from Pakistan. We pegged back the chilli since 3 grams of … Continue reading

Orange Chicken

Posted on by Geoff Munn

Our ‘O’ meal was by far one of the hardest picks. There are no countries starting with ‘O’ that I could immediately think of, so there were no cultural meals … Continue reading

Nasi Goreng

Posted on by Geoff Munn

I had never had Nasi Goreng before, but Hilary was a big fan of it, so we thought it would make a suitable ‘N’ meal. We used this recipe. It … Continue reading

Minted Lamb Burgers

Posted on by Geoff Munn

Our ‘M’ meal was Minted Lamb Burgers. These were by far the nicest hamburgers I’ve had in a loooong time, and I didn’t believe that it was possible for us … Continue reading

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