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Monthly Archives: January 2012

Great Products Are Nice, But Great Businesses Add Services To Them

Posted on by Geoff Munn

Adding services is the only way to differentiate yourself when offering commodity products. Continue reading

User Flows and Information Architecture

Posted on by Geoff Munn

Stop designing web pages, and start designing user flows. Continue reading

Be Bad At Something

Posted on by Geoff Munn

You should always be bad at something you are passionate about. Continue reading

Identifying The Best Market Disruption Opportunities

Posted on by Geoff Munn

Three indicators will identify market disruption opportunities, and the resulting customer responses can boost the case for a new product or initiative. Continue reading

Cognitive Dissonance

Posted on by Geoff Munn

Challenge the listener by using cognitive dissonance. Continue reading

2012 Prediction

Posted on by Geoff Munn

My 2012 Prediction Continue reading

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