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In case – a long shot perhaps – anyone is wondering about the drinkability of a 2004 Jim Barry Cover Drive (a cabernet sauvignon), then the answer is yes, it still drinks well, but it’s probably on it’s way out. DRINK NOW.

We found one in the collection, gathering dust. Served with Moroccan Lamb, it was initially a bit bitter on the nose, but cleared up after a few minutes in the glass to become a well-rounded cab sav, although the tail indicated it probably had less body than it once did.

And following on from that, we can also report that the Dry River 2006 Chardonnay is very nice. Served in Riedel crystal glasses, the aroma began to resemble the standard ‘buttery’ smell of most chardonnays, but did not have the strength in the body that we personally don’t like too much.
Served with pasta carbornara, it was a tasty combination.

If anyone out there likes chardonnays, or even better, doesn’t like chardonnays, then we’d highly recommend trying the 2006 Dry River. ┬áIt’s very, very nice.

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