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Walnut-crusted lamb was our ‘W’ meal, and one of our favourites.  We’ve had this many times, and it’s up there with our favourite steak and lamb meals.

We used lamb backstraps rather than rack of lamb, and we also halved the amount of sauce.

Additionally, we were extremely careful to not cook the lamb for one second longer than 10 minutes initially, and then 15 minutes after that (as the recipe suggests).  Slightly underdone lamb is vastly preferable to overcooked lamb.

We also forgot to get cream for the sauce, but it hasn’t seemed to matter.  The last modification to the recipe was the use of Brie cheese, rather than goats cheese.  We melted the cheese in the microwave immediately before use, and then mixed it into the walnut mix.

Don’t bother spreading the walnut mix on both sides of the lamb, just pile it up on top.  It should come out lightly grilled.

This meal is best served with a Mount Difficulty Pinot Noir.

5 out of 5 noms!

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