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Our ‘M’ meal was Minted Lamb Burgers. These were by far the nicest hamburgers I’ve had in a loooong time, and I didn’t believe that it was possible for us to make patties this good at home.

We did change this a bit. We used a whole lemon instead of half, which gave the patties a stronger lemon flavour. We also used port instead of sherry, since we didn’t have any.

Boiling the sauce with the patties turned out to be a very good move. We finished it when the sauce was all gone and the patties were seconds from starting to burn. As a result, they were extremely flavoursome. Cleaning the frypan was a bit of a mission though.

We served this with buns, beetroot and Greek Jadjik yoghurt.

4.5 noms on the nomometer.

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