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Newt! Zonk! Kung Pao!

It sounds like something out of a Batman comic, but it’s actually really tasty!

We followed the instructions here, but added a cup of water to the sauce before adding the chicken to simmer so it wouldn’t thicken up too much. That was probably a good idea.

Also, we did add water chestnuts, but they weren’t a crowd favourite. Next time we’re thinking of adding fresh vegetables instead.

We also pared back the chilli by a bit, and it came out with a really nice ‘hot’ taste that wasn’t overpowering.

For the sauce, we made twice as much sauce by accident which was probably a good idea – you don’t want it thickening up I would imagine.

We’ll definately be making this again – 4 noms out of 5 – nom nom nom nom.

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